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This si a headshot of Nate Eaton.  He is a trainer, is wearing a zipped hoodie, has dark hair, is wearing a hat, and is smiling. Photo is black and white.

Nate Eaton

Nate is a trainer who is passionate about seeing his clients succeed in reaching their goals. 

After suffering a life altering neck injury his weight climbed above 300 pounds. He understands the hurdles that can accompany health and fitness related goals.  

In order to reach his goals, he lost over 125 pounds and later won open and masters competitions both amateur and pro wins in bodybuilding including the Natural Pro Masters Georgia State.

He has held personal trainer certifications over 25 years with different organizations. 

He currently has certifications in the following:

-Elite Personal Trainer

• TRX Coach

• Fitness Trainer

-Bodybuilding specialist

• Strength and conditioning

• Sports & Exercise nutrition

and  a certificate with The United States Sports Academy in coaching. 

• MS Exercise Science

• Precision Nutrition PN1.

He has assisted clients to make pro wins but feels that becoming healthy and well balanced individual in the journey of fitness is a lifestyle and is the most important aspect of exercise and nutrition. 


He is also a judge and a promoter of the following:

OCB Battle at the Beach

OCB Magic City Muscle 

OCB Montgomery Muscle

OCB Battle on the Coast 

Nate has a true passion for health and fitness and the well being of his clients. His commitment to you and your own specific goals and the journey to reach them is top priority during each session! 

Give us a call or come see us today and get started working with Nate! (251) 298-7622

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