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This is Celeste Byrne.  She is a trainer and has brown hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail.  She is smiling and has both hands on her hips. Photo is black and white.

Celeste Byrne

Celeste holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science as well as a Master's degree in education She can be defined as a dedicated multitasking ninja who motivates, educates, and unlocks hidden potential to maximize a client’s ability to achieve their health and fitness goals!


In a world with so many options, choosing the right personal trainer can be the difference in quitting quickly or finally achieving the life changing goals that once seemed unattainable. Her mission is to help expose what you are capable of achieving... to motivate, to educate, to set goals with you and find the appropriate methods to accomplish those goals.


Celeste has over 20 years in the field of Exercise Physiology where she has gained the experience to truly see each persons “uniqueness”, which allows true “personal” training to take place.  She specializes in corrective movements to help balance the body and eliminate and/or prevent pain and surgery. Other methods include myofascial release and stretching, as well as weight-loss and body composition. She can also provide cardiovascular and nutritional guidance throughout her programs to maximize results.


With a masters degree in education, she has also served as a “life coach” to many children over the years. Celeste is skilled at creating a relationship that motivates results. She strives to make exercise an experience that isn’t dreaded, but still gets maximum results. She currently offers group classes, personal & partner training, myofascial release sessions, and basic stretching.

Give us a call or come see us today and get started working with Celeste! (251) 298-7622

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