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Devin Deas

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Devin’s interest in fitness and the weight room began in High School. He started weight training in ninth grade and quickly developed a passion for it. After high school, he maintained that passion for several years.  In late 2015, he developed an interest in bodybuilding. At that point he started working out and had his eyes set on competing himself one day. His first competition was in 2018 and he quickly fell in love with the sport, as well as the fitness industry. He has been competing ever since ,while coaching bodybuilders as well as providing personal training, meal plans, and weight loss programs. He has helped many people with many different physical impairments and other obstacles, lose weight and reach their goals. He says his greatest joy comes from helping someone improve, not only their physical health, but also their mental and emotional health. Self confidence is where that comes from. That’s his goal! Building self-confidence helps his clients reach their goals, in such a way, that they’re not intimidated during the process.


His accomplishments include:


8x 1st Place Bodybuilding Champion

2021 Mr. Columbus Classic Physique 

2022 Mr. Orange Beach Classic Physique 

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